Saturday Workshops – Yoga-Rolf Movement

to book a yoga class, please email Giovanni

Saturday Workshops – Yoga & Rolf Movement

with Giovanni, at Rainbow Nursery, Lupton St, Tufnell Park, London NW5 

1:00PM – 6:00PM  (with a short break mid-way)

Pricing: £45.00 per workshop


to book, please email Giovanni at


  •  April 27 2019

  • May 25 2019

  • June 29 2019

  • July 13 2019

We will follow the work we started last year which I’ve been calling
“A well tempered practice.”

Looking at understanding more deeply and playfully how our body organisation and way of being in gravity and life can adapt the yoga poses and contemporary movement work to help us become more embodied, comfortable, confident and well.

 previous classes:

 15 December 2018

A Well Tempered Practice: getting into sitting poses and balances

17 November 2018

A Well Tempered Practice: from standing poses to twists

20 October 2018

A Well Tempered Practice: front bends and back bends

14 July 2018

Preparing your Well-Tempered Practice for Spring and new growth
— Resonant Liquid Body; The River of Organs; Spirals; Weight and Excitement
— meditation practice

28 Apr 2018

A little more detail for your Well-Tempered Practice
— Space and adaptability; freeing the arm, shoulder, neck; how expression and head attitude affects our movement potential
— meditation practice

24 Feb 2018

A little more detail for your Well-Tempered Practice
— Ground and support; feet, balance, knees, going deeper into the hips
— meditation practice

27 Jan 2018

Putting together a Well-Tempered Practice
— grounding and lengthening; front bends and back bends; standing poses, balances and, of course, twists
— meditation practice


CPD: valid for 5 hours for British Wheel of Yoga continuing education requirements.


LOCATION for Saturdays & Tuesday yoga classes only :

Rainbow Nursery, St. Benet’s Church Hall, Lupton Street, Tufnell Park / Kentish Town, London, NW5 2HY

Previous Themes for 2017 and prior years:
WHAT CAN HAPPEN? Our Body A River Of Spaces

It seems natural and good to think of our bodies as solid vacuums jam packed with the stuff that helps us breathe, eat and get about, that allows us to perceive, digest and process information. This accurate description however does not include any sense of “spaces” in the body.

And yet we do experience our bodies as spacious, space-filled and able to be space makers and supporters of how we create space in our world. When we move through a “joint” we can feel that it is tight or spacious, solid or uncertain.

These workshops will attempt to look at the “event” of our articulatedness, our river of spaces, using our capacity for resonance.

We will take time to enquire “into” and “around” these “spaces” where movement runs deep in the river-bed of the body and then gurgles up to the surface as action or pools brimful with stillness.

We will take time to explore the boundaries or shorelines around or along these spaces: do they feel hard, springy, defined, sensitive; do they yield; do they allow themselves to be touched, observed?

And we will attempt to move through and get our bearings in relation to, these spaces as we push and reach, as we don’t do, as we wait: sensing into the quality of the space itself: is it dense, it there a force pushing us through or against which we move, or pulling us; is there an emotion; is there “content, history;” where is the space; and what kind of bridges, or not, are there between one space and the next?

We will explore with the help of three modalities:

  • our own bodies; our own embodied compassion and wisdom.
  • with contemporary Movement Science and the principles of Rolfing Movement work.
  • with the ancient frames of the Yoga Asanas.

“Learning about my body” begins at home in the body as I move in a world with you . . . .

During our time together you can expect to jump in, move, perceive, explore and also to come back, change speed, receive, be quiet, empty.

Together we will create a space where “accidents of perception” grace us in gravity towards the new – “What can happen?”

The hope is that you will take home tools and insights that nourish your daily or weekly yoga or movement practice.

“We work with observation. That is the beginning of change. If the exploration is supplied with meaning, imagination, breath, and attention to sensation, we will have accidents of perception that allow the body to do something new.” – Kevin Frank & Karyn McHose, ‘How Life Moves’

Please understand that you attend these yoga workshops at your own risk.  Giovanni Felicioni cannot assume responsibility.