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Cost of sessions :

  • Each Rolfing session is £100 from 2019. Sessions last approximately 55-65 mins. (Shorter sessions are available for children – price to be agreed).


  • 1-2-1 Rolf Movement sessions cost £60 per hour.


To book a session :

please send me a message at the following email address –


send a message through the Contact form here

My cancellation policy is one week notice.

My practice is open weekdays from 9:00am – 6:00pm. Please contact me by email for available times and dates.

 The Rolfing® process :

There are ten classical Rolfing hours which take place over 8 – 15 sessions. These will contain a combination of structural, movement and perceptual work.

Rolf Movement™ :

Once you have undergone the Rolfing Process with me you may desire to continue your exploration through movement work.  Together we may agree to underline and explore further certain discoveries and insights arising during your Rolfing process. These explorations may take place during the course of a normal Rolfing session or at a separate time during a Rolf Movement session dedicated to the theme you would like to explore further.

This may be because you are:

  • managing pain
  • in a psychological process that needs embodiment
  • recovering from trauma
  • wanting to find better ways to practice at home
  • thinking about coming to yoga classes
  • wanting to explore further through movement

These Rolfing Movement Sessions should give you tools to explore and own the discoveries and changes you underwent during the Rolfing Process.  With this in mind, and to make this process affordable and sustainable, the sessions will cost £60 each.


Emails come to my phone and I will endeavour to answer within three days.

Email is also the easiest way to set up a telephone appointment.